Randomized testing infrastructure (and more!) for JUnit, ANT and Maven

  • All the plumbing for repeatable randomized JUnit tests.
  • Parameterized test suites, test groups, listeners and validators.
  • Advanced thread leak control options and timeouts.
  • ANT task and Maven plugin for running tests concurrently, in isolation.

Inspired by the Apache Lucene project's infrastructure, this project brings a refactored, stand-alone runner for JUnit 4.x tests, which encapsulates built-in repeatable randomized tests, threading and timeout control, parameter factories, thread execution groups and more. Everything is JUnit compatible and will work in your favorite IDE.

On top of that, the project comes with ANT and Maven integration allowing execution of tests in concurrent isolated JVMs, load-balancing and multiple options for reporting, including attractive reports and results visualizations.

Watch an introductory tutorial to randomized testing at Lucene EuroCon 2011. Slides from this presentation are available here.

Code, documentation, examples and binaries on: https://github.com/randomizedtesting