Package com.carrotsearch.hppc.sorting

Interface Summary
IndirectComparator Compare objects at two given indices and return the result of their comparison consistent with IndirectComparator.AscendingIntComparator's contract.

Class Summary
IndirectComparator.AscendingDoubleComparator A natural-order comparator for doubles.
IndirectComparator.AscendingFloatComparator A natural-order comparator for floats.
IndirectComparator.AscendingIntComparator A natural-order comparator for integers.
IndirectComparator.AscendingShortComparator A natural-order comparator for integers.
IndirectComparator.DelegatingComparator<T> A delegating comparator for object types.
IndirectComparator.DescendingDoubleComparator A reverse-order comparator for doubles.
IndirectComparator.DescendingFloatComparator A reverse-order comparator for floats.
IndirectComparator.DescendingIntComparator A reverse-order comparator for integers.
IndirectComparator.DescendingShortComparator A reverse-order comparator for shorts.
IndirectSort Sorting routines that return an array of sorted indices implied by a given comparator rather than move elements of whatever the comparator is using for comparisons.

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